Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to the RED ROCKET

I thought I better write a post, since I am returning to my full-time employment tomorrow, after 20 months of modified duties, and breaking my foot, and being off completely....... YES, it is truly back to the grind.

I could think of a million things to complain about working for the TTC, but tonight I will think of what I have to be grateful for in terms of my employment:

1. Grateful that this job has afforded me the opportunity to buy my home, travel and provide properly for my kids.

2. Grateful that my employer has found a new position for me that will be better for me physically and mentally.

3. Grateful that I can travel for free and save on gas.

4. Grateful for the great people that I know there.

5. Grateful that I will have the means to save money and pay my house off quickly.

6. Grateful that I have lots of vacation time.

7. Grateful that my daughter will have her braces.

8. Grateful that I will be able to continue my education.

9. Grateful that I will be able to learn a new job.

10. LASTLY Grateful that I have a crock pot and have the Internet so I can find crockpot recipes.

Well ~~~ off to bed I go........ Up at 4: 45 will take some getting used to! I have decided to take this opportunity to construct some routine into my life. No more laying in bed til 11 " planning my day"

At least not until I am 45............ YA~ Freedom 45 is just around the corner :)

Until next time....


Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Training

It is March 28, 2008 and I am getting ready for final exams and to start my fundraising for THE WEEKEND TO END BREAST CANCER 60 KM walk. Today was awesome. I was given two tag days by Loblaws and two tag days by the LCBO. A tag day is where I go sell pink breast cancer items to raise money towards the $2000.00 I have to raise. This year I am walking with a friend and our team is called the BOOBSIE TWINS. That will be fun. And hopefully this year it won't be so hard on my feet as I am walking 6 km everyday now, and hope to have that up to 10K by mid April. By September I will be in good shape for the walk. I am hopeful that I will surpass my fundraising goals, and in the meantime I am losing weight daily by walking. I ordered some cool pink items to sell.
If anyone would like to contribute to my fundraising efforts please click on the link below

I best head to bed now, so I can rest and get ready for my walking routine tomorrow. In the meantime I will leave you with this thought..............

Friday, March 21, 2008

Prosperity Box

Tonight I created my new Prosperity Box.

I make one or two a year. My friend Laurie taught me how to do it a few years ago


Make yourself a prosperity box - prepare stuff that symbolizes prosperity TO YOU. It can be a coin (in gold colour), a banknote, a piece (or pieces) of items in green (as green means $), items in diamond shape, or items in goldcolor a red heart or rose petals to symbolize love.

Again, you cannot go wrong so long as you're sincere and the items you put into the box mean prosperity to you. As to the size of the box, it doesn't matter, it can be as small as a matchbox if you wish, or it can be as big as you need. Have your box in hand or close by and you can simply say a prayer by the window facing the moon, but if you cannot see the moon where you live, it's also fine just to say a prayer facing the sky. It is more so your intent that counts and the full moon energy in the air.You can say your own tailormade prayer -

Try to do it before midnight - say around 11pm, but if you can't, it's still fine - as long as u do it at night time.What's more you can do is to light a little green candle (beware of the burning time of the candle especially if you're doing it at 11ish) as you make your box (putting the items in).Make sure you're done (close the box) before midnight.

Place it in a drawer or wherever that's convenient to you, and do NOT open it. Just leave it there.


When I opened it up to put the new items in it, it was funny to see how many of the things have already come true.

I found a letter that said I wanted to learn Reiki and Mindfulness Meditation,

and I found another letter that said I wanted to take the kids to Disney and go to Belize!

So I carefully selected the items to put in that box and focus on making them happen.

Funny, how often our prayers are answered and we don't even notice. With something tangible like this is it very clear.

I will say my prayer at 11 tonight, and hope that GOD has open ears and eyes.



Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the Grind

Time is flying by, and there are so many things to do. I am never bored. Been spending time writing my book, doing workshops, university studies and meditating.

Last week I had another Dream Rebuilding Presentation at the Shelter. The women really seem to enjoy it. I notice that anytime spent not worry about the crisis they are in is a positive step forward. I enjoyed listening to a woman that always dreamed of driving and having her license. She was able to find a car in a magazine, cut it out and regain that as one of her future goals.
I also met another woman that was inspiring to me. She wants to return to school and become a P.S.W. I sure hope that she will continue on that path. She will do a wonderful job at helping those that are sick and frail. It is interesting to see how a a few magazines, a pair of scissors and some glue can bond a group of women together, and get them thinking in a forward direction.
I am back at the shelter again in April to do another presentation. I really enjoy my 2 hours there, and as nervous as I once was, I seem to be coming more confident in my abilities to facilitate a group of people.

My daughter returned from Italy two days ago, and said it changed her life. She is ready to travel now! Already saving for Spain and France. Like mother like daughter I suppose. My youngest daughter is content with a new skateboard and is anxiously awaiting the big melt and spring. She said she is tired of putting on hat and mitts and will be happy when she just needs her short and some running shoes.

It took me a little while to get back into the groove here in Canada. I was stuck on island time. I am just finishing my research paper on the Working Poor in America. Ironically, a country so wealthy and so rich in knowledge can not figure out that there has to be Employer Consortium to eliminate poverty. The answer really does seem simple. The most important thing I learned this week is that in a country like the US and Canada, nobody that is employed full-time, and works all year, should live below the poverty line. It is sad that so many do, and such a huge portion of those are children.

Well ~ it is back to the books, back to the the grind. I am looking forward to finishing up my final year of university and seeing what is next in line.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Many Options ~~ So much to do

Well I am back from San Pedro Belize, and must say, I am looking forward to returning. I have found a place that warms my heart and the options are endless. When I was there, I felt more alive than I have in years. San Pedro is my natural clock. I wake with the sunrise, and sleep around midnight. My aching bones went away, my nails grew, and my breathing improved.

I plan on buying a piece of land there this year, and hopefully my best friend, Erin will build with me on it. My little piece of paradise far, far away. A small 14 seater plane will fly me to my destination. Amidst the beauty of the sea and the warm air, there is a small part of San Pedro that could use some help.

I saw that there was ample humanitarian work that could be started there. After talking with the school officials, it became clear, that I could get some pilot projects started on this tiny island. Some of the things I was told were desperately needed are:

Sponsor a grade 8 student to go to high school for 1000.00 US per year, there are 35 students who need to go to high school next year, and for half the yearly salary of a US or Canadian teacher 35 deserving kids can have that.

There needs to be sewage in San Mateo and electricity. The smell of San Mateo will stay with me for a long time. There is nothing so disappointing as the SMELL of poverty.

A safe house for women and children needs to be built. I spoke with a female police officer that informed me she would be interested in working on a domestic abuse program.

A donation needs to come from a shipping company to deliver the playground that is waiting to be shipped from Texas to the school so that the children can play in a nice safe playground, and not be surrounded by broken glass and bottles.

I am planning on trying to connect with some church groups, social groups and organizations to see if we can get donations of money, time, and service. After all we are all one. I am looking forward to a day when I will be able to give my time to those that could use the help.

The options are endless where to help and I just can't wait to get started. I also will enjoy after a hard day of work, going to the beach and watching the sunset. Ya! That warms my heart!

Holy Cross School - San Pedro Belize

Feb 2008 ~ My trip to Belize

I went to the Holy Cross School yesterday.

It was certainly an eye opener for me. The first thing I noticed was that the children were so friendly. They welcomed their foreign visitor and were the most polite children I had ever seen. In the classroom, I could hear scuffling of books, papers and saying shhhhhhh, because, of course I am assuming, they have that much respect for Vernon.

I also noticed that this school is modest in it's appearance, but seems to be teaching things schools in North America could learn a thing or two from. I read the writing on the wall myself. Instead of your everyday graffiti, it said , Love your family and Help the sick.

I chatted with Vernon with length and took a walk through San Mateo. I learned of some of the difficulties these hardworking families deal with. I learned how much the community is benefiting from the school and how they would like to to expand, to increase career opportunities for these children to work towards, and judging from their behaviour, they certainly have the discipline and motivation to financially EXCEL in any part of the world.

I hope that I will be able to return year after and see the school grow. Thank you for a wonderful tour, and I am thankful for all the hard work, effort, and love you put into your school. May you be blessed with tonnes of abundance, and goodwill.

Joanne from Canada