Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Today is July 1/ 2008. Happy Canada Day and day off work. I noticed how much I have changed. I have never been able to relax, and I am now. I am able to not focus on time, and just know that when it is time to go home, I will know that it is by a feeling.

I am at Emerald Lake with the kids, Liam and Erin. A truly Canadian experience. The Great Canadian outdoors, with the woods, the lake formed in a quarry and BBQ’s. Canadians taking advantage of the little warm weather that they have and flocking to the water, a sacred retreat in the months of July and August. The kids are having a great time. I just walked down to the waterfront and watched them jumping off cliffs. I took a 3 k walk around the park.

I am practicing being observant, being in the now.
I saw a beetle crawling,
The buds of the cedar tree beginning to open up
The little bell flowers opening
I heard the birds,
The waves
The rustle of the tree leaves above my head
I saw the big white cloud sin the blue sky
The laughter of the children and the older man to my left.
I saw the seagulls flying
The butterflies flying over the bushes

People must really like coming to the lake, they all sit down, and laugh and eat at the BBQ’s. Life is pleasant. The worries of the working world are a day away and about 50 miles east of this little place.