Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Direction

DirectAbundance is steering in a different direction. The goal of course, is still to help others, but a new face has arrived, Heather Zwicker, and the goals are even bigger and better.

With Heather's expertise in the teaching field, specifically with Special Education students, and my background in Social Work, we are aiming to take things to an International level.

Our new mission:

is dedicated in assisting struggling international communities to provide relief, development and advocacy. Our focus is to promote and enhance new and existing social infrastructure and to support families and communities to attain self sufficiency, being sensitive to the diverse cultures which we assist.

Our current goal is to raise funds for the Holy Cross School in Belize. We are excited about the work that lies ahead, and grateful for all the support !

Joanne and Heather

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Excited !!

I teamed up with my old college friend Heather Zwicker, and we are really trying to get the ball rolling to get Holy Cross Anglican School the items they need. Heather has lots of great ideas and contacts that it just seems unbelievable.

We are meeting this weekend to try to put together a list of sponsors to write letters to. We put together a great facebook group that has had lots of activity and responses. It was exciting to watch the group grow overnight. Heather is currently working on "Adopt a School" program and the "Pen Pal Program."

In addition we currently have lines out there for medical supplies, tools and school supplies. I am overwhelmed at so much happening so fast. I had to go to the library and get some books on fundraising and grants.

Congrats to my friend Laurie for winning the best image blog for Lonely Planet!