Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thoughts on Life Struggles

Wow~ it has been a busy two weeks. I have been helping a friend out of a difficult situation and getting homework done.

I believe that when we are put on this earth we all have some kind of struggle that we are pre-destined to face. Have you ever noticed that some people consistently struggle with money? Others consistently struggle with relationships? communication? career? children? family issues? health? I think we all have life challenges, but sometimes we choose not to acknowledge them. Mine would be health. Food and smokes, they are things that hold me back. I am in the process of acknowledging this. I am doing something to change it. Little efforts all the time at being a better me. Once I complete this life challenge, I will be able to work on something else :)

We all make our own decisions, we all do that in the right time, and we all do the best we can, with what we have available at any given moment. WE must let alot go in this day and age.

So for tonight, I love myself the way I am, but see areas that can be improved upon. I will take the necessary steps to follow through. I will embrace the BUDDAH in me.


Monday, January 14, 2008

You Will Not Mess With MY Peace of MInd

I have worked very hard to achieve this peace of mind. I will defend my peace of mind, and you can not shake me from it's foundation. I have left places that haunted me, I have left behind people that drained me, I have learned to live within myself and attain my serenity there. I have forgiven people that I needed to in order to attain my peace of mind. I look in the mirror and I like who I am today. I will not let anyone mess with my peace of mind. If you are my friend, be my friend. If you show signs of jealousy, of bitterness, if you lie to me or are deceitful, you are not my friend. I don't hold that against you. You have your reasons for doing whatever you do. And I have mine and I wont let you mess with my peace of mind. Peace of Mind is hard to come by these days. It takes a lot of work to empty our thoughts, to release all the voices and the to do lists. You have to look at your faults, measure things up very carefully. You have to learn to love who you are, not who you would like to be, and you need to find your peaceful sanctuary. It can be a car, your home, simply your bathroom, but it is your place of peace. A place to calm the mind. You can also find it simply by closing your eyes, regardless of where you are. I have made a decision to chose and attract positive people into my space. My space, being my life. Life is too short to be with energy vampires that clutter your thoughts and distract you from your essence. I am very happy that I have learned how to protect myself and my peace of mind.

~Meditate regularly, think only positively, aspire to find the consciousness beyond the mind, and peace of mind will be yours.~

~Do you need or enjoy fear, worries and restlessness? If you don't, then why do you keep inviting them into your mind?~

~As the house is cleaned, so the mind can be cleaned. As you enjoy a clean house, you will enjoy a clean and uncluttered mind.When you unclutter your mind, you enjoy peace of mind~.