Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Having Faith

Sometimes we just have to! There is a little nudge inside pushing me forward. Go on......... Go do it............ Just do it................... What is the worst thing that can happen?
I might end up with a broken heart........

Or I might not.......
If my heart gets broken it will heqal and I will move forward,
If not I might pass up a chance to love fully

I might end up losing money

Or I might not.........
If I do, I will still be okay, and I will move forward
If not I might pass up a chance to live and rest on my piece of Paradise

Sometimes I have to stop thinking and follow my heart.
I might not know the outcome but I know I'll be okay.
There are no 50:50, Phone-a-friend and Ask the Audience.

Sometimes You must let the heart lead and not the head.....
I think I will let God drive this one, and I will take a back seat as a co-pilot.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The only thing to fear is fear itself

I am taking a big plunge ! I am going to buy a place in Belize. I am a little afraid, but I know there is nothing to fear. It is not a lot of money, and it is a good investment, but still.......

I think about writing from my laptop on the balcony, overlooking the water, and seeing smiling faces walking down the beach. I think about the water. I spent a lot of time in a lawn chair under a palapa, looking at the water, and wondering if I could really have it all......... and now I realize that I can.

I can watch the sun come up in the morning, and in the evening watch the beautiful sunset into the ocean. My bones have been so sore. This week I have gone to the specialist, and the physiotherapist, and against my better judgement, I even had to take a tylenol to make it to work. In Belize I will walk into the warm salt water and let it heal my bones.

I will be able to do lots of volunteer work. When I am bored I can take a walk, look at nature, go to the ocean and look at the ocean creatures. I can visit with friends and dance on the beach.

That is my most memorable moment :) Dancing on the beach ............. oh how I could live my life dancing on the beach and my bare toes in the sand.

Just as I am writing this, I got a letter from Tim, the owner of Banana Beach, where I am thinking of moving. I loved it there.

Here I was in March envisioning buying it............. maybe now it is a reality

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Things

So last night I am in the middle of my homework, and my computer freezes up. I try repeatedly to reboot it, and it is not working. I keep getting all blue screen and it says CORRUPT on it. I have no time to dilly dally. It is time to retire the old Pentium 3 and buy a lap top. I have been putting it off for a long time, and coincidentally my new Credit card came in the mail today. So I contemplate for a few minutes and set a limit on what I will spend . The limit is 500.00 for a refurbished one, from my friends at Rama Computers. I rush out the door, no time to brush hair, and run into the store. One laptop! 275.00 SCORES!

A new lap top is exactly what I have been needing, especially with my school work, and Directabundance, and plans on extended three month sabbaticals from work.


Three months. Yes another wonderful opportunity has presented itself to me. On my birthday I received a letter from the Holy Cross School http://holycrossbelize.blogspot.com/2008/06/storm-from-albert.html. They have invited me to assist with the opening of The Abused Children's Counselling Centre in Novemebr 2009. I am elated. Just praying work will co-operate. There are so many wonderful things going on with the school right now, The Recycling Program, The Computer Lab, The Gardening Centre, I wish I was there for it. However there is a time for all things and I think mine is soon coming.

I would like to get down there and help with an Abused Woman's Program and support centre, maybe some kind of job training. Life is very exciting with an array of possibilities.

So here I am mobile :) Laurie says getting my lap top makes me one step closer to travelling. I think she is right.

My daughter had some exciting news today too! She is going to Circle Square Ranch. Ironically ( well not really, synchronistic) she has been offered a placement in that camp and she was jsut researching it online the other day.

School went well. I managed to pull off an A- in Social Inequality and a B+ in Accounting. That is ok, never wanted to be an accountant anyways, but it is nice to know some new accounting things. Now I am taking Critical Reasoning and Sociology of Work. I will be finished this year, and have found a Master of Arts Program that I want to take at Florida State University.

I am loving my new job, and see old faces pass by daily. The other day I ran into my placement Supervisor from 1992. WOW! SHe looks marvelous and we will be meeting for lunch. I meet some nice people that are travelling. This job enables me to do nice things and smile. When people are short money, or need to get on the transit I can decide whether to allow them or not. I am pretty compassionate, so it would be rare that I say no, and people are generally Grateful, regardless of what we might think.

Yep......... Life is GOOD! LIFE IS DAMN GOOD!